Apr 7, 2016

Woohoo, welcome to our nifty new website FINALLY ha! Kaz here posting our first blog post and each blog entry will have one of us in the band at a time updating you as to the goings on of KHB. To kick off the first three in the website it will of course be myself. I am hoping that this will break up the monotony of listening to me all the time and of course it will get you all to know my band even better than you do. Expect controversy from Nick, a Slovakian view of Northern Ireland in Pete & Janny and probably a cooking recipe or two from Miss Dee. We are KHB and we are BONKERS!

This first blog is just a welcome really and to say a thank you to all our team in the Kaz Krew (as we call it) for the work they have done. I would like to mention them here so you know who we talk about in future blogs. First up our website designer Paul Boal who has taken what I wanted and created something even more. I don’t like all that official blah blah stuff, I like to be personal and hands on so having the chance to work with Paul has been great. Amazing patience and just an all round proper bloke as we say in the band so thank you Paul from all of us for making us look pro FINALLY haha!

Next up has to be our band Mama, Kate who keeps us all going from behind the scenes. You can find her on Twitter as @kazcentral and that is just what she is, the center of our universe. This is the woman who, when I got back from our 2015 UK tour, physically held me up in my exhaustion, ran a hot bath with a bottle of red on the side, bath salts to ease my aches and pains and nursed me back to myself. I would not have gotten through 2015 without her never mind touring. So to you Mama THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for all your love to me and my band we love you. Papa Dan is next with his wicked sense of DO IT RIGHT and you won’t go wrong, which really means listen to me, I know best haha. Dan does not like to be mentioned so I won’t say too much for fear of being whipped or burnt at the stake lol. All I need to say is thank you for helping me make KHB look snazzy and thank you for being you.
Dave the Magic Man of Millstone is our producer and I have recorded all my music with him and doubt I will make a move anytime soon because he is now the only one who can cope with me so why change the habit of a liftetime eh? We salute you magic man and I have to say that you have outdone yourself on this album, thank you for your patience chum.
(Mr & Mrs J of Millstone)

Of course I can’t miss out my ever suffering manager, Jerry DaCosta from Robmont Music, originally from East End London has been my guide over the past four years. I am family to him and always will be, he has walked, ran and pushed with me on this journey and is not just my manager but my friend. Last thank you is to my family. My children and grandchildren who all are inspiration for my music and are who I would like to leave some kind of legacy for. My partner David who has been life changing since we met. We are like chalk and cheese but are both so unbelieveably weird and wonderful together (see pics below). I love you with every inch of my crazy mind and heart, you are who I have waited to share success with.
Miss Kaz

King D

So that is our first blog post and I hope you now have the characters of our KHB journey in your head. Stay tuned for a rollercoaster of a year with and believe me, it will be a roller coaster and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This little photo is take from 2015 when we hired a bus and headed to Dublin to the Pure M Awards in which I won Best Female Act is Ireland. This was a special moment indeed. Big up the Kaz Krew!

Peace out from me and remember, it’s all about the fun…….Love from