Super Fans

Apr 9, 2016

Being in the spotlight brings amazing things, yes we have to work very hard to get them and a musician’s life is not the norm, but there is one thing that makes the hard days worth fighting through, the super fans. Every fan is a super fan and every artist loves them as they are, why we do, what we do. This blog post is addressing some of the questions our own super fans have put to us and perhaps it will give you a deeper sense of KHB.


Q. Why is everything you do colour coded to red/black/white?
A. I wish it were simple but as I told a journalist one time “The red is for the blood that runs through us, the passion that represents that high energy performance we give” haha seems a little deep but it is very true. Also my favourite colour is red so what goes best with red? Of course it has to be black & white.

Q. Why don’t you go on X Factor or one of those talent shows?
A. In my younger days I did but then as things progressed in my original music, I realised I had something more substantial to offer as a songwriter and performer. I still get invited to perform on these shows but it’s not something at the moment I would consider.

Q. Where do you get the inspiration from songs?
A. Most songwriters will say LIFE, where else would you get it from, a fifth dimension? haha. Sometimes it comes from nothing, others come from my family, my past experiences, or the best of all, just a pure rock ‘n’ roll jam with the band that we then structure into something cool (truth be told we are all secret rockers I think so watch out).

Q. How do you cope as a touring band?
A. As long as we are honest and up front about things happening we are just fine, although I did have to sack a band member once for hitting the drink way too much (we don’t really drink on our performances as it’s business and it dimishes our performance) and becoming violent, so I sent him packing especially when I thought he should have known better and set a better example to younger members in my band. We are now as a band, very close and have had many life discussions and fixed the world ten times over, so that helps that we all have debating power, makes for passing the time on the road better. Touring will be so much easier now though as we have Bessie the Bus as our home on the road (see news post).

Q. What song is your favourite to perform?
A. We all have our own favourites to perform but I think the one where we all just let loose and go crazy has to be one of the few covers we do, I just wanna make love to You. It has just been announced has one of our new album tracks on Feelin’ Good coming out in May. I just feel that we have done the impossible and created a very original version of a cover (if that doesn’t sound to egotistical) haha. That is what makes us really feel united as a band, when we just look at each other and are, each in our own elevated state of satisfaction.

As you can see from these photos, I like to entertain and act crazy and my band are much the same but we still get things done. Off stage or on I like to be unpredictable. If I were younger I would probably be crowd surfing naked but since I am now a grandma I have to at least be seen to be respectable lol.


A different blog post but I hope you had a giggle to yourself. Remember if you can’t laugh then you may stay away from me because if I see anyone too serious I’ll be heading for the nearest joke shop to prank you.

Love from this funky grandma…….
kaz_sig x