An Update from Kaz

Jun 8, 2016


Hey all you lovely people out there, I hope my pre tour blog gets you in the mood for coming to see us. We have now launched our Feelin’ Good album ONLY available on hard copy. The music industry is very hard and downloads do not cover costs and of course the measly pittance that artists actually get from your contribution is unbelievable. Therefore I have chosen NOT to offer digital downloads for the foreseeable future. You can however order from the Kaz Store so go have a looksie and yes FINALLY we have lots of other merchandise now available to fans too.

This is of course our biggest tour yet, so of course I am a little apprehensive about everything. From keeping stamina up to 6 of us living in Bessie the tour Bus. Its an adventure yes,  but a lot of hard work too. We are ready though and it is another step towards heading on the road full time hopefully in 2017 as it really is tough to get us out of Northern Ireland for shorter periods.

With 2 sold out shows the forecast is looking great for our Uk tour so thank you to all those people who are coming to see us, I hear some are even dressing in tutus so that will be amazing.

Please do take the time to chat with us after the shows, I usually only need a breath of air for 5 minutes before I come to you to sign whatever you want so don’t go off thinking I am being a diva, it’s just that being a rocking granny takes it out of me haha but 5 minutes and im back on track. I will be throwing my band into the limelight more this tour, I believe we have evolved and grown together magnificently and they truly deserve to be praised. They don’t have egos but do give them a little head stroke to let them know you enjoyed the show. Of course they will also be out for signing with me too so you will get to meet them.

Thank you to all the venues who have invited us to play, it really is hard for promoters of live music to keep things going, some survive and some don’t but everyone deserves acknowledgement for trying to keep bands like ours on the road.

With so much in June I don’t think I will have another blog post until July but do keep up to date on our band youtube for funny uploads, and our social media too. This promises to be entertaining boots ‘n’ all TRUST ME”!

Oh PS fans of KHB colours LOOOKKKKKK….. I saw this on Facebook and I LOVE it, if there is someone out there that would make this for me for stage It would be so cool. The challenge is set people. Love and Life until July…