Sep 11, 2016

Hey everyone, it has been awhile since I last blogged and oh boy what a summer it has been. Part 1 of our UK touring was an outstanding success and we are so thankful to all the venues, promoters and fans for making it so wonderful. We had a change within the band with Miss Dee moving on, but the guys and I have always been a solid foundation and we wish her all the best. We returned home for a few home gigs in August as we haven’t many at home with the demand across the UK. We had intended to use Aug/Sept to work on new songs for the next album but little ole me had to be admitted to hospital and have my gall bladder removed. The panic was on that I wouldn’t make autumn touring but alas, thank the lord for keyhole surgery. I am well and have the all clear to tour so bring it on.

We now head over to England on 18th September for the next part of our touring schedule and we can’t wait. We have also booked into my favourite place, The Convent for a few days recording to begin the next album. I did warn ya’ll that I wanted to get as much music out there over the next few years. Expect this album to be different though. I want to be expressive with my vocal this time and I want us as a band to experiment. I also have some special guests lined up for this album. Be sure to check our tour dates and if we’re close to you, then come on out and join the party, I promise I will be on my best behaviour.


Love Kaz x