French Debut

Mar 5, 2018


Kaz Hawkins delivers music that is minimalist and ethereal. The quality in her powerful voice is the precision of the interpretation, just like that of her piano accompanist, Sam York. There are never superfluous vocals that disturb the music. The authentic singer reveals her background through her music. Audiences of Le Blues Autour du Zinc will have the chance to discover the generosity of this Irish singer during several concerts including those in schools and prisons.


Kaz Hawkins, the Irish vocal force!

Kaz Hawkins is a singer-songwriter with a difference, she captivates an audition with her vocal range and emotional representation of her life. She delivers a minimalist and ethereal music. The quality of his powerful voice lies in his correctness of interpretation just like the piano of Sam York that accompanies it. Never useless vocalizations come to disturb the music. The singer is in the right and the woman reveals behind the scenes of his life.


Winner of the European Blues Challenge in 2017, North-Easterner Kaz Hawkins is a huge artist. She has drawn on the trials that life has put on her way incredible strength and generosity, and seeing and hearing her on stage remains a unique experience.

Accompanied by the pianist Sam York, she will deliver her recital in the church of Ambazac, Wednesday, August 15. Given the limited number of places, it will be absolutely necessary to book – information to come in the coming weeks.