Mar 5, 2018

Well, it’s nearly time for me to get back on stage and I cannot wait. Feels like forever but it really only has been 3 months. My new management are pulling no punches and taking on a theatre Irish Tour as you will have seen. I have to say I am a little nervous in case I end up singing to the theatre staff but this is why I now have a manager I guess. He does the worrying for me and I can focus on the music as agreed. Although I do struggle with handing over control and probably drive him crazy with constant pestering texts for updates haha. I am forever learning in all honesty and with my profile increasing more and more I just cannot deal with it all. Of course there are things I can’t tell you just yet, discussions behind the scenes, plans I have and goals I have set myself but those of you who have followed me long enough, you will know that I am always exploring and investigating.

“On the road again” in 2018 doesn’t mean like it has before and as much as I loved meeting you all across the UK the past few years, it did take its toll on my health. I’m not a young girl anymore let’s face it and hauled up in the motorhome, under sometimes severe stress and tiredness to someone who enjoys privacy is not ideal but I did it because I love you all. I know lots of you have been asking about UK dates but as I said last year in the band press release on ending, I told you all I would be taking it easy and this means we dropped UK dates until further notice. I have reduced the stress levels so that I am within a few hours of home on my Irish Tour or I am flying in and out for some French dates coming.

This is all self care and in order to keep doing what I am doing this has to be paramount. I want to be in top form when I perform so I have to be selfish to protect that but please know that UK dates are always being offered and my manager is dealing with them so as soon as a UK Tour is on the cards, you will be the first to know. My Irish Tour will kick off in Coleraine on 2nd March and then Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival on 8th March.

I then head over to France for Zinc Blues Festival in Beauvais. I will be staying with the festival 13th 22nd March and am excited to be performing in some prisons and schools as well as officially launching the festival on 15th March. This is my first performance in France so my film director Stephen Mullan (who has been filming for a documentary on me) will be joining us to capture the experience. I can’t wait for my French debut and am very honoured that they believe in my new duo show which takes you through my life through music to help break the barriers of mental health.

A few weeks break then I continue with the Irish Tour so check out the dates here.