YOUTUBE CRAZY – Because You Love Me

May 4, 2018

YOUTUBE has gone crazy lately so if you made it here from there then WELCOME. It is all because of this video that just smashed 1 MILLION HITS! Crazy when it’s actually not on my own Youtube Channel AND it’s a sound recording of my old band a few years ago. I find it funny as I remember the gig and I was exhausted being on the road, anyone who knows me will know by the sound that I was tired, we all were.

Low and behold a few years later and Music Grey Matter uploaded it and it went ballistic over the last 3months since upload. In turn I have gained over 3000 subscribers in this time, nearly half a million hits combined on my other videos and new fans from around the world. My Spotify has also jumped as have my download sales so it is true when a fan takes to your work it becomes organic and that I love.

Red Grey Matter has since uploaded a song a featured on by my good friend Ged McMahon and it is now going the same way.
WATCH Because You Love Me WATCH One More Night (Ged McMahon)

I have been trying to get to grips with my own Youtube Channel as it was so confusing for years but since they changed it, I can now function better as an artist. Be sure to subscribe as I will be putting up more videos soon as Facebook begins to fade perhaps.