May 28, 2018

I’m back on Northern Ireland soil and I am so proud to represent Northern Ireland in the blues community across the world. My blues family has enabled me to grow, create and pay tribute to those who have gone before and that is why I love blues. It’s a genre that doesn’t get mainstream attention like pop, rock or even folk but everyone who is within it believes we are doing something to keep the blues alive. As a songwriter I write to the song not the genre, that is what songwriters do, we capture a moment in time but we are all affected and inspired by the blues greats that have left us such a legacy.
I always stay true to the blues that have given me so much. Whether it’s sharing & supporting the tradition of The Blues Foundation who is making sure the original creators are in our thoughts always or the European Blues Union who give artists like me a platform for modern interpretation or our own UK Blues Federation who are striving to build on the amazing contribution the UK brought to blues since the 60s. They are all doing their bit for blues around the world.

Like everything that evolves THE BLUES grow to suit each individual taste. Whether you like the more rock side, the old underground feel or the acoustic tradition, it is used everywhere in modern music today. It has all been done before, every chord used, every scale, every format but as musicians we can take what has been given to use and celebrate, showcase and keep it alive as best we can.

I am thankful that this genre has given me something to celebrate in music and that my blues family around the world has welcomed my little part in honouring it so to be chosen as the regional winner for Northern Ireland is very special. I feel this now means I have a responsibility to make sure my little part of the world gets to be more involved across the UK . With artists like The Bonnevilles The HardChargers Dom Martin Manukahunney making noises for modern blues here I never forget the stalwarts of our region in John Wilsons Taste Ronnie Greer Rab Mc Cullough Gary Moore, Van Morrison, there are so many to name but I will always respect their contribution.

Thanks to the Northern Ireland panel who stepped up and got involved (more of you are needed) to put us all forward for nominations and to YOU the fans who voted in the public vote I love you all for your continued support.

To get involved for next year and help bring exposure to our NI artists check out

In closing massive thank you to the UK Blues Federation for an amazing #UKBLUESAWARDS in Worthing Pier, it was special to see so many supporting the work being done. It will grow bigger & better because we all want the same thing, to………..KEEP THE BLUES ALIVE!

I will be back at Worthing Pier on 30th September as part of my UK Tour.
A very humble
Kaz 💜🎤

Some photos from Graham Whittington.