Kaz Hawkins

Blue Monday

I helped kick Blue Monday in the butt with Aware NI

USA here I come…

As you will have seen, I have been feeding out little bits for my USA Promo visit in December. Some of you have been asking for a full itinerary. This will be available very soon but the exciting part is that there are people working behind the scenes dealing with more invitations to showcase my music, so that is what is keeping me revealing everything.

Super Fans

Being in the spotlight brings amazing things, yes we have to work very hard to get them and a musician’s life is not the norm, but there is one thing that makes the hard days worth fighting through, the super fans. Every fan is a super fan and every artist loves them as they are, why we do, what we do.

Being a band leader

A blog post is supposed to be about updating fans on what is happening but at the minute all our time has been in the studio, other than a few concerts so until our blogs from the road entrall you will giggles I’m giving out my thoughts on being the leader of a band.


Woohoo, welcome to our nifty new website FINALLY ha! Kaz here posting our first blog post and each blog entry will have one of us in the band at a time updating you as to the goings on of KHB. To kick off the first three in the website it will of course be myself.