Dr Nick is a self-taught perfectionist that happens to play guitar, he picked up the guitar at around 14 and never put it down. Nick is the band’s token ginger and a coffee making skilled barista (and an excellent one at that).
BIO Nick used to skateboard as a teenager, but an injury stopped that and the guitar took over as a main hobby. His influences are Michael Jackson, Joe Satriani and Andy Timmons and he played in various bands from Soul, RnB, death metal, to industrial. He is also a lover of comedy and art and is affectionately called Dr Nick by the band as there is no subject he won’t know something about!

QUOTE : “I love this KHB sound we have achieved, it combines all the various styles of music that we love.”

FUN FACT: Nick is convinced if he wasn’t a musician he would be a comedian. He is also the band cook and tries his best to keep a healthy Kaz on tour.

EXTRA STUFF: After following Kaz online for a year Nick saw an advert for rhythm guitarist needed in 2012. He applied, got the job and began gigging that weekend and hasn’t stopped. Longest serving member of KHB (sounds like a prison sentence) and Kaz calls him her “left hand man” not because he is left handed but because Kaz prefers him to her left on Stage.