old style blues belter softened with  sincere songwriting


Mostly underground for years as a secret songwriter. Kaz Hawkins who lives just a few streets from East Belfast’s most famous musical son Van Morrison is now established as one the biggest singers ever to come out of Northern Ireland,  called “A Vocal Force” on stage, she envelops the fighting spirit of a true powerhouse singer.  With comparisons to her idol Etta James, Mavis Staples, Janis Joplin.  Kaz is loved for her down to earth attitude; she brings fun to every performance & is loved not only by her fans but anyone who meets her. She has lived and sang “The Blues” but has much more to offer across different genres in her song writing so is now embarking on an exciting mix of genres she has written for her debut album ‘Get Ready‘.

This unique songstress wowed fans across the UK on her Tour in September 2014 with fans & critics comparing her to the old female blues greats. With her 2015 tour just announced & a special new partnership with BOSTON UNIVERSITY for Kaz to perform & lecture students that will see Kaz travelling to USA to represent Eastside Arts this formidable lady is rising and rising fast. Kaz Hawkins is a singer songwriter with a difference, she captivates an audition with her vocal range & emotional portrayal of her life. She is one of Belfast’s true characters & the UK blues scene would not the be the same without the a taste of an old style blues belter’ softened with  sincere songwriting.

With support gigs under belt such as Van Morrison, Nanci Griffiths, Chris Farlowe, Matt Andersen, Kaz has also guested with top Irish artists such as Brian Kennedy, Pat McManus, Eric Bell.  Kaz has the backing of many influential representatives in Belfast with a presentation from The 2013 Lord Mayor of Belfast Máirtin Ó Muilleoir quoted saying “Belfast is proud of your talent & we know you will go on to great things & we will support you in all you do”..


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  1. Can we get your new CD in USA yet? On I-Tunes yet? Will check and buy so glad, proud and happy for ya Kaz. Your music and lyrics have really moved and touched me and I now know what the tree tatoo you have on your forearm and daughter’s as well means.. It came to me in a dream/ vision/ buzz whatever ya want to call it. I always knew I would never get a tat but I may now. Now that I understand. I am a Heniz 57 but have been told we have Royal Blood related to Henry the 8 bummer man but Much Irish and Whales. See if there is a shield or whatever they call those Family Emblems for McClain. If so I will send ya some money if you kindly would get it for me. I have always been proud of my blood! Not proud of myself but who I knew I truly am meant to be…. Ya dig ? Sherry

    • Yes, you can order Kaz Hawkins CDs in USA and Canada (and in UK ;) , via website KazHawkins.com or CDBaby (I believe) or Itunes if you want soft download, or if you are in the Boston area (Last chance tonight, at Milky Way lounge (Near Sam Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plains) there may be a few CDs left (get them signed in person!) starts about 9PM but from what I have been seeing with overflow crowds at last night’s event, please arrive early, a nice restaurant is part of the lounge just in case you are early enough for a lunch before the show. Truly jealous USA got Kaz before Canada, we hope she will tour North of the border as well as return to Boston again sometime, if you can secure bigger venues. Perhaps the House Of Blues might have the kind of space she needs, watch for updates via social media and her webpages. (I am just a fan, not affiliated with her tour schedule, I can only recommend very highly, that you book her back or we Canadians are going to steal her away, we have a really big music scene in Moncton and Halifax with Blues Festivals and larger venues that should consider her soon. Hope you get see this SHERRY MCCLAIN

  2. With out a doubt, the finest Songwriter and Singer I have ever been fortunate to come across in my 45 years! Thank you Kaz Hawkins for the finest music and songs that you write are so uplifting, to the real, the raw, the truest in any Genre! I enjoy your amazing Sound! Most appreciate the Music of you! Sincerely, Tammie Shepperd Logansport, Indiana USA :)

  3. You are one of the most empowering and powerful singer I have heard in a long time…. Right up there with the likes of Etta James,PINK, Linda Perry, Janis Joplin,Grace Slick, and Stevie Nicks!!! Join Wolfsburg right on your heals as she matures on every . New CD. Can”t wait to purchase it and so happy for your success and Perservance. Your like me we could have been dead a 1000 times!!! But God wants you to sing your experience`s from your heart and soul…..I share by my words and ways of helping the masses with my heart and soul. We have a lot to give . To the world and that comes with much power,honor and respect for the human soul. I hope we both come from a place of honesty, encouragement and integrity. I see and hear/ feel that in your music and your words. It is with great honor and respect that I was given the opportunity to be introduced to your music. I hope one day we can meet in person but if we never do in this earth walk I am sure I will meet you in the Heaven`s. Much Honor and Respect to you….Ms.Hawkins

  4. LOOKING GOOD GIRL Merry Happy and Blessings for the new year …xv colorado usa Open the door radio. We love us some Kaz over here come to aspen KAZ these good people will fall in LOVE i tell ya :) Enjoy THANK-YOU FOR ALL THE GREAT SONGS and the love that flows from your soul like a river

  5. Happy New Year to you and your Band Kaz! <3 :) The Blues Magazine…. You the centerfold! So proud your Family must be after reading and knowing much fm following you, your songs for think 5 yrs now! The Blue Magazine interview with you? I was feelin' the vibe in an amazing way! Especially your Grams standing on your Belly! Perfect! :) So wonderful to see and read! Always your fan and wishing you a amazing 2015 Year! Tell the Band O'Men they all fit like a glove with you! Most Sincere, Tammie Shepperd Logansport, Indiana, USA

  6. Dear Kaz… I just found at ytube your recent upload about your Charity. Wow…So wonderful that you are helping trough your Music/Words, along with the re-recording of your Song Believe. And all proceeds as well as the February Concert your heading up being given to support more Staff…. to do all these amazing Godly works to help with financing in one of the most important “Charity’s.” That is you Kaz. So very Special in our World. You help so many, certainly separate’s you from most in this 21st Century. <3 I recall in the middle of your Tour you lost a very close friend to Suicide. This Charity is one that is so important, just as your Music and words have picked my own self up off the ground, I have you to thank for many dark moment's this past year that entered my mind. I know not how to say Thank You… seems not enough…I do know getting your word out on the web is one true action from myself to help get that 2000 mark. I am sure you will surpass this amount as you wrote Lyrically, "…Believe With Me…" You have been to the dark and survived it all, due to this very Charity that you found yourself 15 yrs ago, helping you. I will always do my very best from my keyboard to help along the way to getting the funds needed to help pay the Staff. I say God Bless You and yours and everyone working at EBC Charity, too. Most Sincere I send love from all of us here in Indiana, Tammie Shepperd <3

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