Feisty, Fun and Fabulous!

Multi award winning Kaz Hawkins is Northern Ireland’s very own soul superstar. The Belfast born singer-songwriter is one of today’s most popular independent artists in the UK and Ireland, as she continues to play to full houses and has been compared to Etta James and Adele and more. Kaz brings a fun, inspiring & hopeful message with her songs. This stellar rise to success will be no surprise to the Northern Ireland’s music fiends and fans over the world she has been wooing for years with her deep, powerful voice, original song writing and soulful tracks. No mean feat for a woman who owes surviving a life of physical and emotional hardship to music with a larger-than-life personality that doesn’t take setbacks lying down!

Kaz wears many HATS!

Being an activist for Mental Health, Kaz has worked tirelessly for different charities over the years. She is now official Ambassador at Aware NI, Northern Ireland’s Depression Charity and has recently completed a library tour for Libraries NI in special sessions where she told her life story using words and song to show how music can be used as a mental health tool. Fans have come to love the many hats that Kaz wears, especially presenting her own show “Kaz Hawkins Got The Blues” on BBC Radio Ulster when she isn’t touring. Always supporting the UK blues scene that has given her so much, Kaz has now joined the UK Blues Federation as a board member and aims to bring more exposure across the UK about the rich blues and soul artists in Northern Ireland.

Always about the MUSIC!

With three albums under her belt, Kaz is releasing “The Collection” on vinyl in 2018 and is currently half way through writing her next album. She hopes to record in Muscle Shoals, a place that has adopted Kaz as one of their own and a place that Kaz feels a strong connection with in Alabama. She is looking forward to returning in 2019 to take a placement at Florence Academy of Fine Arts.

New Beginnings!

Kaz’s new management BD Entertainments (bdentertainment@gmail.com) has created a special theater tour for the introduction of Kaz’s new show, new image and new songs and Kaz is very happy with the journey so far.

“I am so excited for this new chapter in my career and I am so blessed that my fan base has now grown enough to take on a theater tour. I can’t wait to show the fans this very personal side to me and I want to pay tribute to my own songs that have gotten me through so much in my life as well as the blues and soul songs that have impacted my vocal so much. I am the happiest I have ever been in music so now feel comfortable to just be me for awhile”